About Learner

Learner is a software platform for building production-ready machine learning models without writing any codes. Unlike many other platforms, Learner runs on your laptop, on the cloud, or any remote or local machine. Learner is built to be flexible and powerful. It allows data scientists, data analysts, and software engineers build state-of-the-art machine learning models with high performance. The models built using Learner have won prizes in machine learning competitions.

Learner is designed to continuously train, optimize, and deploy models without writing any codes using only a single configuration file. Learner allows organizations make predictions in a frequency that matches their business needs.

Using Learner, you can segment you customer and data to build classification and regression models as well as recommendation systems. Imagine you identify critical segments of customers in your business and you'd like to build a separate model for each segment. This task may seem daunting for even some experienced data scientists but you can accomplish it using Learner by simply activating the "segmentation" functionality.

Learner supports state-of-the-art algorithms including XGBoost, LightGBM, GradientBoosting as well as our in-house methods. It also supports Deep Learning models using tabular and image data. Using Learner, you’ll be able to use pre-trained models or design the entire architecture of the models yourself without the need to write any codes. You are welcome to create an account and read the user documentation here.

If you are interested in using Learner to speed-up your model development by 5-10x, please send us a brief message explaining how you plan on using Learner and we'll give you access.